After having a chance to spend a little more time with the , I thought I would take a little time to post a few more pictures and a quick update.

My good friend Amos has the DryLin® Linear Motion Camera Slider, which is considered to be one of the best DIY options for camera sliders available. So I took a little trip to his place this weekend so we could put these 2 units side by side and see how the 2 stack up.

The Drylin linear motion slider does work very well, but after spending a few hours with the Konova and Drylin slider side by side. It seems to me like the Konova Slider adds a lot more value then I previously considered. For starters the Konova Slider is almost silent in operation, while the Drylin slider has a very audible dragging sound when in operation. As you can see from the pictures above the 2 sliders have different bearing configurations.  The bearings on the Konova provide a much smoother travel.

The fit and finish of the Konova Slider really makes it a Joy to use. Adjustable feet and plenty of mounting options really make the $100 price difference between the two sliders seem worth it.  The Drylin slider had to have holes tapped for the end stops. It also doesn’t come with proper feet so this one ends up sitting on blocks of wood.

The holes along the Length of the Drylin slider aren’t tapped like the ones on the Konova Slider, so your tripod mounting options are a bit limited. The feet on the Konova Slider can also be mounted in a cross pattern at one end. This allows you to stand the slider up on its side for up and down sliding motion.

One thing I will note is that I miss spoke in my earlier review. You can actually adjust the friction applied to the bearings on the Konova slider. The only problem is you have to remove your fluid head, the adapter plate, and then get out a special tool to make the adjustment. This takes enough time that I don’t consider it to be useful in the middle of filming. However if you do have the time to field dress your rig then this could still be a useful feature.  For the price of the Konova slider I don’t think this is really worth complaining about.

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