Canon Just announced the Rebel t3i/600d and this camera doesn’t look like anything fresh from canon. The spec list is almost the same as 60d and t2i. Why would anyone feel the need to upgrade?

This new release has the same Digic 4 processor as every other current Canon DSLR on the market and the list of features has changed very little. With a single Digic 4 you can’t even expect HD output from the HDMI port in record mode. I’m not sure why canon is still dragging there feet on their current line of cameras.

If you already spent the money on a t2i or 60d there doesn’t really seem to be a compelling reason to upgrade. The flip out screen isn’t anything new and the sensor is the same as the 7d, t2i, and 60d.

The only real bright spot in the spec list is the new crop mode of x3 and x10. I will hold judgment on that until I see the test results but I can’t imagine these crop zoom settings blowing me out of the water. I think canon should really take a look at their lineup and consider giving these cameras magic lantern style functionality if they want to stay on top of the market.

The┬áPanasonic Gh2 is already taking market share away from Canon. If Canon doesn’t release something with more then just minor upgrades soon, another manufacture might beat them to it.

Anyway if you haven’t pulled the trigger on a camera yet, then you might want to take a look at the Canon t3i/600d, it does have an extra zero so it has to be better. Right?

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