Sometimes your camera is packed away in a camera bag with a body cap on it, when out of the blue an airplane dives out of the sky in front of you. If only you had a lens on your camera instead of a body cap. You could have gotten the shot that would have put your name on the cover of time magazine.

Alright so it probably wont be that dramatic but it is nice to add a little bit of function to something that would otherwise just protect your camera. The Loreo lens is basically a nice body cap for your dslr that also happens to be a lens.

This lens wont be changing the face of photography or anything like that, but for $35 what other lens could you buy? ¬†For that price it protects your camera body, it’s a lens, and it’s a fun talking peace at your next camera party(whatever that means).

This is a 36mm f5.6 prime and I have no idea how they fit 3 elements in there. I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth just spending a weekend messing around with it.

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