One very handy thing and a function that isn’t covered very well in the manual is the ability to start and stop recording using a simple IR remote control. You can also use this same remote to pull focus before you begin recording.

With either the Canon RC-1 or a generic IR remote you can set your canon 7d, 60d, or t2i up to focus and record video (sorry no 5d mark II support). By taking a photo with the remote the camera will auto focus on the target in the focusing square. Once the camera is focused on the object the 2 second button will start and stop video recording on your camera.

This handy feature allows you to focus remotely when recording yourself in a video blog like the one above. If you’re interested in the generic remote you can pick one up for around $5. They don’t have the reach of the more expensive Canon RC-1 and they aren’t as durable, but they’re completely usable and cheap to replace.

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