It seems like people are always looking for the lowest price. So here today for your consideration is the Nady SGM-12 boom microphone. As far as I know, this is the lowest price boom mic on the market. At between $22 and $30 the Nady SGM-12 performance isn’t amazing, but it’s probably good enough for many applications.

The Nady SGM-12 runs on a single AA battery and provides a switch that is supposed to change its pickup pattern from Cardioid and Super Cardioid. I’ve recorded a few samples of the Nady SGM-12 in both Cardioid and Super Cardioid along with the on board mic’s from the Zoom h4n so that you can get an idea of its performance. You can download the Nady SGM-12 test sample here .

I won’t tell you that the Nady SGM-12 is an amazing microphone, but listen to the sample and you shouldn’t have any trouble deciding if its worth the $20 to $30 price tag.

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