So I’ve seen this monitor pop up before, but the last time I  looked, the price tag was over $100. It seems the fine company that everyone has heard of (Haier) has discontinued production on their 7 inch hand held LCD TV.  Which means the price has been cut in half. 44 dollars gets you a standard definition 7 inch monitor with a rechargeable battery, headphone amp, and a 1/4 20 thread mount on the bottom. The pictures, by the way, are taken from amazon.

I did a little bit of searching and finally found the manual for this little guy. Looks like you should be able to plug your DSLR right into the Haier HLT71 monitor and since it has a built in battery, this might be a better option for those of you who don’t want to mess with battery packs. The down side looks like battery life and weight. The manual claims 2.5 hours, so I would guess closer to 2 hours, and the monitor weighs close to 3 pounds (according to amazon), which is kind of heavy.

I did find one person who’s tested it out on a little camcorder Rig and you check that out on youtube. If you’ve given the Haier HLT71 a try let us know how it turned out. I’ve already got plenty of monitors laying around the house so I don’t think i’m going to spring for this one. But maybe the Haier HLT71 is a diamond in the rough.

Update: I received so many request asking for a review on this monitor that I went ahead and picked one up. Pictures and first impressions are here, full video review coming soon.

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