So after spending a few days with the Haier 7″ monitor I had a chance to run all the tests I could think of. I also spent some time going through all the settings in the menu. The color and contrast aren’t amazing out of this monitor, and the screen isn’t extremely bright. But It will work fine for pulling focus, setting up shots, and framing. The built in battery made it just over 2 hours on both tests so you might want to have a few extra batteries with you. Unfortunately the batteries (part number HLT71BAT) are still around $20 so an extra battery is half the cost of the monitor itself. If anyone comes up with a better battery source let me know and I”ll post it.

The mounting whole on the bottom of the monitor wasn’t quit 1/4 20. I had to use a 1/4 20 tap to clean up the threads before I could properly mount this little guy. I was happy to find out that the monitor is much lighter then amazon published. The Haier 7″ monitor is also a bit thinner and lighter then my Lilliput monitor. The built in headphone amp also worked quit well.

For our UK friends I put my camera in PAL 1080p 25 frames and the monitor blinked then came back up. I don’t think you’ll have any luck with the tuner but at least the composite inputs take PAL.

I have the photo gallery up in this earlier post.

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