The is a lens not much bigger then a , with a built in 35mm f5.6 lens in the center. Sure the lens doesn’t take amazing pictures, but your pictures will still turn out better then a cellphone camera.

There is a small wheel at the bottom of the lens that allows you to select between f5.6, f8, f16, f32, and f64. The Loreo has no focus adjustment, so if you want more of your subject in focus you’ll have to stop down the lens.

This shot of a Heineken was taken with the Loreo at f5.6 and you can see that the in focus area starts about 6 inches behind the bottle. There is no focus confirmation so you’ll have to pay attention to your subject to make sure it’s in focus.

The Loreo Lens in a cap is a toy lens, that’s fun to play around with and takes ok photos while also protecting your camera body. At $25 you can’t expect award winning photos, but if you spend a weekend playing around with it and show it to a few friends I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth.  Plus you’ll always be ready for that random off the cuff shot.

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