I’ve received a number of e-mails asking about larger battery solutions for the Haier 7″ monitor. The short (less then 2 hours) battery life just doesn’t seem to cut it for a lot of people. You could spend $25 on a direct from Haier 2200 mAh battery (if you can find one), but that would only give you another 2 hours.

After looking around I think I’ve found a better solution. The I use with my lilliput monitor last for almost 6 hours, so why not adapt them to work with the Haier 7″ monitor. The only hard part is finding a power plug adapter.

I finally found this that will get you from the 12 volt 6800 mAh battery to the Haier 7″ monitor’s 4mm 12 volt plug. Just to make sure the monitor would run from the power plug alone I spliced together a few wires removed the Haier battery and tested it out. You can in fact power the Haier monitor from the 12 volt plug alone.

I just ordered the adapter cable today. Once it shows up I’ll give it a proper test and let you know how it turns out. With the battery adapted to the Haier monitor you can simply attach some Velcro to the back and your set.

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