I’ve been in the market for a point and shoot camera for while. I wanted something that shoots RAW and has a tough build. I was torn between the Canon G12 and the Nikon P7000, both of which had a lot of the same features. I finally had a chance to hit up a camera store and get my hands on both cameras. After fondling both  the P7000 and the G12 I felt the flip out screen put the Canon G12 slightly ahead.

This is also a camera that both my fiancée and I will be using. She pretty much fell in love with the camera as soon as she saw it. So of course the Canon G12 wins.

The Build is very nice and the buttons and controls all feel very solid. The Canon G12 is almost the same size as the body of my Canon t2i so it’s not extremely compact, but not having to carry lenses should save some space. 10 mega pixel is plenty for a point and shoot camera and I’m also interested in trying out the built in HDR mode. The G12 also has some interesting low light features I plan to test out.

The controls look very similar to many of Canon’s other cameras, so there shouldn’t be much of a learning curve. I have to admit the style is very classic, it reminds me of an old 35mm camera and the metal makes it feel like you’re holding something significant. In fact the build on the Canon G12 feels much better then the build of the Canon t2i. I still need to spend a little time playing around with it before I put together a full review, but it is a cool little camera.

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