I was looking for a battery powered pre-amp with a little bit more gain then my Fiio E5 has to offer. I wanted to use it in conjunction with microphones that don’t have a strong output like the Rode NTG-3. I was also looking for something with phantom power that was battery powered and compact.

I was originally looking at a Nady DMP-2 Microphone pre-amp. I had planned on taking it apart and converting the output to 1/8 inch stereo. Then feeding that into a camera. I would have continued on this course of action if I hadn’t found the ART USB 2 Channel pre-amp for $72.



The ART USB 2 Channel pre-amp has everything I’ve been looking for, phantom power, microphone pre-amp with 48db of gain, battery power, headphone monitoring, and combo XLR 1/4 inputs. If that wasn’t enough, it also allows you to use it as a usb audio interface for your computer.  I’m not normally surprised by a product in this price range, but HOLY CRAP! As soon as I found this I ordered it.

The only thing missing from this all in one device is 1/4 20 threads. I will find a way to add them as soon as it shows up. ART has made a few handy tube preamps and other random audio equipment, but this is probably one of the handiest looking devices I’ve seen on the market this year. Prepare yourself for the post that will be coming when this shows up at the end of the week. I hope I’m not disappointed because this looks very cool.

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