I stayed up tell midnight last night ironing out a few problems with the makerbot. Once I got the wires rerouted and a test cube printed, I decided to print out my first peace of handy film gear. I was complaining yesterday about the Juicedlink 1/4 20 mount being located on the top of the unit. So I decided to designed a 1/4 20 right angle adapter to solve the problem.

The right angle adapter puts the 1/4 20 in a much easier to reach location and allows you to point the controls towards the operator. It also makes the short 1/8 inch stereo cable included with the unit useful by bring the Juicedlinks output closer to the cameras audio input.

The first prototype came out really well, but the brass 1/4 20 fitting is a little funky, so I’m redesigning it to uses a 1/4 20 square nut insert instead. Once I get that sorted out I’ll make a couple in black and see how they look.

I’m not sure if there is a mass market for something like this, but if any of you are interested in the black version just let me know. How does $10 with free shipping?

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