I received a few more of the parts I need to build those Zoom H1 shock mount adapters I’ve been working on. I’m not really sure how popular these will be, so for now, there are 6 made up and ready to ship out. The price is $10 plus $2 shipping and includes the shock mount and a hand full of rubber bands (12 or so) to get you started. If you send me a review, pictures, and suggestions on what you’d like to see changed I’ll refund you $4 for your testing help.

Consider these a beta test and remember these are printed out in melted plastic so each one is a little different. The buy it now link will stay active until these 6 are sold. Please remember to include your shipping address. I have a few more parts on order before I can post those Juicedlink DS214 adapters.

SOLD OUT. More coming soon.

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