I finally had a chance to do some testing on the ART USB DUAL preamp. The quality and range of its preamps aren’t life changing. There is a bit of high end roll off and the audio ends up sounding a little bit muddy. But overall it did as good or better then I would expect for the price range.

When you have a device that has a ton of features crammed into a small box, you usually end up with something that does ok at everything but not great at anything. The ART USB DUAL preamp definitely fits into this category.

On the positive side:

  1. Price ($75)
  2. Phantom power
  3. XLR & 1/4 inch inputs
  4. Battery powered
  5. USB audio interface

On the Negative side:

  1. High end roll off in the preamp
  2. Slight hum when powered by USB
  3. Not designed for camera mounting

I’m still happy with it for the price and the USB feature is a real plus for me. You could spend $200 or more on something with less features but slightly better audio quality, or you can save that extra $125 and get the poor man’s Swiss army knife of audio gear.

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