I’ve received quit a number of e-mails asking when the next round of Zoom H1 shock mounts and DS214 adapters will be available. In the picture above I’m holding the reason for my current delays. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an end stop switch. It tells the machine where the platform should start or stop depending on your logic.

I started the Makerbot up when I came back from vacation to print the next round of gear, walked up stairs to start unpacking and turned on some music. Unfortunately I didn’t drop in to check on it’s progress for more then an hour. What I didn’t realize was that the switch on the end stop had failed. My kept running at full speed trying to find the switch, which in turn caused it to chew through a belt and burned up the power supply.

Thanks to this failed switch I am now waiting on the repair parts before I can once again resume production. As soon as I have the parts and the time to fix the problem, I will let you know. Sorry for the delays, I find it as frustrating as you do.