I’ve been using cheap generic LP-E8 batteries with my Canon T2i for awhile and they seem to work well enough, but the battery indicator on the camera doesn’t work quit right. ¬†When you plug a battery into the camera it gives you an indication of 3/4 full, then sometimes drops to blinking red or worse the camera just shuts off.

This problem came up a few times during filming last week so I thought I’d take a look around and see if the state of generic batteries has changed. The fully decoded LP-E6 batteries have been around for awhile, and I’ve had good luck using them in my Canon 7d, but at the time I bought my T2i there was no generic LP-E8 decoded batteries on the market.

When I started searching around I found a handful of on ebay. I have 6 decoded batteries and 2 on order and should have more information on them soon.

I’m not really sure how long these have been around, and I couldn’t find any real¬†information about them on the web. Regardless, I don’t really want to spend $35 a peace for the official Canon branded batteries. The generic LP-E8 batteries are about $8 a peace. So that’s $210 for 6 Canon Brand batteries or $48 for 6 generic batteries. A $162 savings on batteries could easily be used for something cooler.

I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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