The Canon 50mm f1.2 is a beautiful lens, but you know what isn’t beautiful? Trying to get the dang lens cap off with the hood on. I’ve always had problems with canon’s side pinch lens caps. Either I can’t get them of the lens or I can’t get them to stay on the lens. Center pinch lens caps on the other hand, like the ones included with the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens are nice and easy. I could pop the Lens hood off to make things a little easier but that ends up being kind of a hassle.

For about $3 you can buy thisĀ center pinch lens cap. It doesn’t look quite as nice as the Canon branded lens cap but it’s a lot easier to handle. I’ve changed out all of my Canon lens caps for these center pinch lens caps. If your willing to wait for shipping from China, you can get pinch in the middle lens caps with a fake Canon logo across the center for . I haven’t tried them but I would guess they work just as good as the lens caps I picked up on amazon.

This might not be a problem for everyone, and I know a few photographers that don’t even use lens caps. They consider there Lens filters good enough. For me, I found it well worth the $40 to replace every lens cap in my collection with a center pinch style lens cap.

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