I got back from Chicago yesterday morning, and after a 10 hour nap, I finally had a little bit of time to get the printing press back up and running. Zoom H1 shock mounts are now back in the Noob Store.  Juiced link DS214 adapter should be up shortly.

Stills from the film project I worked on this weekend are available over at Deadlantern.com if you’d like to check them out. Thanks to T.J. and Ali from Avant Trash for all there hard work and support during the shoot, we couldn’t have done it with out you. Also thanks to all the DSLR FILM NOOB fans that stopped by our booth and picked up a copy of Outpost Doom at flashback weekend. You guys are great.

I have a huge collection of pictures from Flashback weekend and Wizard world that I need to sort through. Hopefully I can get them up tonight, before getting back to the list of gear reviews I’ve been trying to finish.

It was a very long week and I’m glad to be home.