If you’re a Canon 7d owner like myself, you’ve probably learned to deal with dual system sound. The cheapest way to go is to keep notes on your footage and manually sync audio in post. This is usually fine for 3 or 4 min shorts, but when you start getting into bigger projects with hundreds of clips, manually syncing audio can turn into a real hassle.

If you get tired of manually syncing your audio, Singular Software makes a couple of options for auto syncing your footage in post. If you like syncing your audio up in a timeline, Pluraleyes works with most editing programs. I personally prefer to sync my audio before I start editing which is were Dualeyes comes in handy. Just drop all your audio and video into Dualeyes, set an output folder and hit start. When you come back you’ll have a folder with video footage synced and ready to go.

Version 1 worked pretty well, but it could take several hours to sync 40 or 50 clips. Version 2 is designed to work with multi-core processors like the Pentium i5 and i7, which means faster sync times. I haven’t had a chance to test a set of clips in both Version 1 and 2 but to me, Version 2.0 seem faster overall. I hope to run a few practical tests next time a shoot to get some actual numbers.

If you already have a Copy of Version 1, the upgrade is free. If you don’t, the price hasn’t changed, both versions are still $149. I know $149 seems like a lot, especially when many people are using sub $100 field recorders, but once you’ve spent 3 painful days syncing audio the price doesn’t seem so bad.

First 30 days are free so if you have a big project coming up, that would be a great time to try before you buy.

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