I posted about the Sony NEX-5n awhile back and now the Sony NEX-5n body has started to show up on Amazon for $599. The overall impression is that the low light performance is about as good as the T2i with a slight gain in sharpness and all of this at 60fps. 1080p at 60fps is very nice, but until there is a hack or firmware release supporting 30fps I think i’ll have to stick to the Canon t2i with magic lantern.

Here is an unboxing of the NEX-5n if your interested, ‘s video is a little shaky but its always nice to see the camera and what comes with it. I still think the Sony NEX-5n is a good buy, but It looks like the T2i is still the best low budget option out right now.

If you want to watch a much more artistic unboxing, take a look at this video from SonyConvergineer.

Stop motion makes everything more fun.