If you like speculation about what Canon plans to do with there camera line, I highly recommend you check out Canonrumors.com. They usually have the scoop on events, rumors, and patent filings for Canon products.

This one is very interesting and a little strange. Canon has released a lot of DSLR cameras over the years and I don’t remember them calling anything a “historic global announcement”. I hope that’s code for a long over due follow up to the Canon 5d mark II. I know the 5d has all of that full frame and low light goodness, but the auto focus system isn’t that great, the build quality is lacking when compared to its little brother (Canon 7d), and 3.9 fps looks pretty sad when Sony is offering up Cameras with 10fps.

If Canon is announcing a new DSLR, it better not be a baby step forward, or there market share is going take a nose dive. I would also like to see Canon freshen up it’s video camera line which hasn’t made many advances forward over the last few years. The Canon XA10, for example, is basically just the Canon hf s100 from a few years ago with a few minor upgrades and a handle with XLR jacks added to the top.

Sony and Panasonic have had interchangeable lens video cameras for awhile and it’s a shame Canon hasn’t released something similar. But whatever the announcement is I hope “historic” isn’t just a buzz word. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on this event as it comes closer.


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