There was finally a brake in the orders for Zoom h1 shock mounts and my makerbot wasn’t out of service with mechanical problems. This gave me the day worth of testing and editing I needed to iron out the problems I was having with the Juicedlink DS214 adapter design.  You can now, once again, order this handy little adapter for your Juicedlink DS214.

If you wonder why you would want the DS214 adapter, this picture explains it all. You have a cold shoe and 1/4 20 mount on both the top and bottom of the adapter which allows you to mount the juicedlink DS214 in a position that makes it much easier to use. The extra space on top gives you a good place to mount something like the RODE VideoMic without wasting space on your rig.

To me, this is much more useful then dealing with juicelink’s upside down mounting bracket, and at $10, it’s the cheapest mounting solution that I know of. If you’ve sent me an e-mail over the last few months wondering when this would be back in stock, I apologize for the delay and blame staffing issues. If only I could clone myself, things would get done a lot faster.