Adding a windscreen to your microphone is a good way to reduce wind noise when you’re filming outdoors. There are many options on the market and some cost more then others. Above is the Micover Slip on windscreen attached to the Rode VideoMic. At a price tag of around $24 it covers the VideoMic with a nice looking gray rug of fuzz.

This, on the other hand, is the official Rode Deadcat Windscreen, total cost $40 and it looks like a rats nest. The fuzz is flat in some spots, the velcro attachment gets stuck in the fur, and it cost $16 more the Micover Slip. So far I have not been impressed by the quality of Rode’s official windscreen.

If you where to hide the tag and ask me which one was the more expensive windscreen, I would probably have told you the gray one. The sad thing is that in the tests I’ve done so far, the Micover has actually done a better job of blocking wind noise then the more expensive Rode Deadcat windscreen.

I still have a few more audio tests to record, but as of this writing the Micover has preformed better then the Rode Deadcat windscreen in the last few outdoor tests.  I will try to get some audio results posted this week, but it’s starting to look like the Rode Deadcat was a waste of $16.

UPDATE: Check out the full video test here.

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