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20Feb Cheapest metal quick release plate on the market, but there’s a catch

I was catching up on the Frugal Film Maker blog and came across Scott’s post about the $12 Sima QR plate. I knew I’d picked up an all metal QR plate for less then that in the past so I started going through my old buy it now e-mails from ebay. Sure enough I found this generic Manfrotto […]

19Feb Modogrip offers new pricing options

I posted my first impressions of the Modogrip a few weeks ago and there were a lot of people asking about pricing. Some of you already own a 680B monopod or just want some of the hardware. Well it looks like they are now offering packages starting at $205 that are a hardware only option, with […]

18Feb Jangus Music Wi Stereo wireless system – First impression

The Jangus Music Wi JMWAL35 showed up in the mail yesterday and it looks extremely interesting. Basically this is a stereo wireless transmitter that operates on a 2.4GHz frequency. You might recognize that frequency from your wireless router or cordless phone laying around the house as it belongs to the 802.11 IEEE standard. In fact the Jangus website […]

17Feb Rode VideoMic Pro Video Review

Although the audio tests don’t show any real difference in audio quality, the higher price of the VideoMic pro gives you a much smaller and lighter package. The new design has a better suspension system and the +20db switch gives you a much stronger audio single for cameras with poor or noise amplifiers. If you […]

16Feb What DSLR audio interface is right for you?

Gordon wrote in: With all the different models of Beachtek and JuicedLink adapters it’s hard to figure out which one is the most suitable as a direct to dslr camera audio solution. What’s your favorite? Above are just a few of units I have laying around the studio so it’s hard for me to pick a […]

15Feb Used gear watch: Lilliput 7″ 669GL HDMI monitor with extras

Still haven’t found an HDMI monitor for your rig? If not there is a used Lilliput 7″ 669GL HDMI monitor with quit a few extras and zero bids. Four days left on the auction, Current price $115 + $15 shipping for everything pictured above. Looks like that includes a DC  12V Battery and Cable, 12V Battery Charger, Shoe […]

15Feb Dirt Cheap Monitor Project – Video build

Youtube member MAREKDT sent me a video of his take on the Dirt Cheap monitor project. I like the fact that he saved the little threaded bracket, I got a little to carried away with the dermal when I built mine and there wasn’t much left of the holes. The black electrical tape is also […]

14Feb 3 legged Spider DSLR Rig price drop to $59

Yiannis pointed this one out to me this morning. Looks like the price on the 3 legged DSLR Movie Rig (spider) has dropped again. You can now find it on Amazon for $59 making it one of the lowest price DSLR rigs on the market. This rig isn’t perfect, but for the price it’s a great value. You […]

14Feb Rode VideoMic Pro – First impression

The Rode VideoMic has been a very popular compact camera mounted shotgun mic for quit a while, mine has lasted me more then 6 years with nothing more then a rubber band change out. When the Rode VideoMic Pro was released back in late 2010 I spent some time going over the specs and it looks like […]

13Feb Samson Airline Micro Tested with the Rode Videomic

The audio I recorded during the Samson Airline Micro test seemed to add a little bit of bass making the audio sound a little bit muddy. The system also seemed to have a slight audio hiss to it when I was testing. Neither of these things were bad enough to be a deal breaker, but I […]