If you’re still on the hunt for more pictures and info on the 5d mark III release, Kai from Digitalrev was one of the lucky one’s who attended the press event in Hong Kong. Digitalrev was able to film a short hands on video comparing the Mark II and Mark III. The ISO performance of the Mark III compared to the Mark II pretty much sell it. Pre Orders are up everywhere and camera’s are due to start shipping out at the end of the month.

Few updates that weren’t mentioned in my earlier post. The 5d Mark III still supports the same LP-E6 batteries that both the Mark II and 7d use which is nice if you already have a pile of these laying around. As far as I know the HDMI port does output 1080p, but there is no way to turn off the screen menu’s so the output wont be much help. I don’t think most people will mind since Canon has included a 91 Mbit/s video codec.

Andrew over at EOSHD loves to dive into all things technical when it comes to camera’s and he keeps up on a lot of the Japans blogs. So if you’re on the hunt for specs, specs, and more specs check out his blog. Also 5d Mark II body’s are down to $1300 used on Amazon right now. So if you can’t afford to upgrade to the 5d Mark III, now is a good time to step up to a 5d Mark II which still out performs every camera below it in terms of low light and video workflow.

UPDATE: Watch out for scams that $1300 used 5d mark II on amazon looks kind of fishy. Thanks for the heads up VLadimir Sobolev.


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