The guys from Sideways Productions just posted the first episode of camera clash. It’s pretty interesting to see how the $3500 Panasonic AF100 stacks up against the Canon 60d. One thing to think about if you’re in the market for either one of these cameras is the standard features that come with a proper video camera like the Af100. DSLR’s do a great job, but it’s always very nice to have proper XLR inputs and twist lock HD-SDI outputs. On the other hand the 4/3rds sensor on the Af100 means you’ll have a tough time finding extremely wide lenses and wont have the same low light performance. Of course there is also the price tag.

Every time I get to use a real video camera it makes me long for the Canon C300. I’d be able to use all of my stills lenses on a camera that gives me all of the standard video features. But I don’t think I’ll be able to find $16,000 in my budget anytime soon. The $3500 price tag of the Canon 5d mark III is about the top end for me. If I want to use the C300 I’ll just have to budget the rental costs into the job.


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