I’ve been interested in testing the Micover Puffin windscreen, but I have to wait for strong winds to get a good idea of how well the windscreen preforms. Yet another storm came through and I had just enough time to run outside and get some audio samples before it started raining. Sorry no video this time.

The first part of the audio sample was recorded with the Micover Puffin windscreen installed on the mic. The seconded half of the audio sample is with the standard peace of foam that comes with the microphone.

Micover Puffin fur windscreen audio test (download)

The wind noise is still audible in the back ground, but the windscreen does an excellent job of keeping it under control. The nice thing is that the Puffin windscreen is much easier to put on the mic then mounting it inside a blimp. If you need to transition from windy areas to inside locations, this could be a much faster and easier way to go.

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