The UPS guy was kind enough to make me his first stop this morning and dropped off the Canon 5d mark III. I’ve only had about an hour to fiddle around with it, but man does it feel nice. Almost the same ergonomics as my Canon 7d body with only a few buttons moved around.

The question I’ve had since the announcement is, will my 64gb SDXC cards keep up with Canon’s new ALL-I 90Mbit codec?  Well I just finished shooting 15 minutes of footage on the card above. No dropouts, no buffer warnings, in fact everything worked great.  When two Lexar 32GB Professional 400x CF cards will set you back almost $200, the $75 price of Pretec 64GB SDXC cards start to look pretty good. Sure CF cards are more durable then SD cards, but if you’re willing to handle them with a little bit of care it’s nice to know that they can keep up with the new codec.  Plus that gives you double the recording space and still saves you about $50.

I’ll be playing around with the 5d mark III all weekend and should have some video up by the beginning of next week. I’ll keep you posted on the testing along the way.

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