So far I’m very pleased with the 5d Mark III’s performance, although I will need to spend some more time testing the audio inputs. As of right now I’m not sure if it’s the camera or the mic that is the source of the noise and I haven’t had a chance to test out other microphones yet. More on that as I continue testing.

Many of the features included on the 5d Mark III are things that Magic Lantern firmware users with the 5d Mark II have been enjoying for quit some time. So the new features added to the 5d3 probably don’t come as much of a surprise. I would still like to have seen focus peaking and a clean HDMI output but I’m guessing Canon still wants to protect their soon to be announced Cinema EOS line of video cameras.

Chances are if you’re a 5d mark II owner and happy with it’s low light performance and focus system, you’ll probably have a hard time justifying the extra jump in price that the 5d Mark III represents. After all, your camera will probably need to be earning its keep for $3500. Plus with the release of the 5d mark III, Canon 5d mark II’s are selling for around $1600 used on ebay. Which means you could afford to buy the 5d2 and a couple of L lens for the price of a 5d mark III.

I’m going to continue testing of the 5d mark III and plan to have a full review out in the next few weeks. So far i’m pleased with the results, but i’ll see how I feel once the new car small fades. Full review will be up once I’ve had a few weeks to film with the camera and get a better feel for how it preforms.

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