I mentioned awhile back that I’ve been using my Bluetooth stereo setup for audio monitoring. Above are the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones I use when I need that extra bit of clarity in the audio I’m monitoring. The nice thing about the TMA-1 headphones is the 3.5mm jack on the left ear peace, this allows you to remove the cable from the headphones and use a shorter cable when connecting a bluetooth receiver.

In this case I’m using a clip on bluetooth receiver with a 6 inch 3.5mm cable to power the headphones and control the monitoring level of the incoming audio. The stereo bluetooth transmitter then just needs to be paired with the receiver and plugged into the device you’d like to monitor. In this case I have it plugged into the Tascam Dr-40, but the concept works with any headphone source.

The nice thing about this setup is that you can use any headphones you like to monitor audio back at the camera with no wires. That way if you’re beaming audio back to your camera from a wireless device, you don’t have to be tethered to your camera or cameras while filming. You could still use your favorite set of bluetooth headphones with this setup, though I don’t know of many bluetooth headphones that do a good job of blocking out surrounding sound. But regardless, in my experiences the less wires and cables you have have the better off things are. At least until you run out of batteries.

More to come on this setup in a feature video along with a deeper look at the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones.  I’ll keep you posted.

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