The Canon 5d mark III will set you back $3500 and the 5d mark II will set you back around $2200 and the Canon 7d rounds things out, effectively being the top of Canon’s crop sensor lineup at $1500. Strictly for photography the Canon 7d is a great camera, excellent build quality (all metal), great auto focus system, 8 fps for sports or action photography, and built in flash controller, plus the crop factor makes the 70-200mm f2.8 lens look like a 112-320mm f2.8 which makes it even better for sporting events.

The main problem I have with the 7d is in the video department and that Canon has failed to update the firmware to include proper audio meters and control. The 7d has Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors which allow the same “almost hd” hdmi output as the Canon 5d mark III. The camera has a microphone input that matches the rest of Canon’s lineup, yet there are no audio level meters or controls.

It took Canon almost 3 years to release the firmware version 2.04 update that added proper video frame rates and on screen audio level meters. If Canon stays true to their extremely slow firmware release schedule, that should mean that the Canon 7d would be ready for a major firmware update sometime this year.

A firmware update would not only create a boost in 7d sales, it would also give Canon an excuse to push back the release of a 7d mark II. This would also fill out the gap in video DSLR options between the 60d and 5d mark II. Not sure if this is actually going to happen, but the rumors have started to pop up.

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