LCD monitors have really started to advance over the last couple of years. Manufactures have been able to cram more and more pixels into smaller and smaller areas. It was only a matter of time before someone caught up with the pixel count of smallhd’s DP6. At less then a quarter of the price () the H005 real pic 5.6 inch monitor has the same screen resolution, hdmi input, 1/4 20 adapter, and BNC input connectors (an optional $400 upgrade on the DP6).  It also uses the same Sony NP series batteries as my CLM-55 monitor.

According to their sales pitch, the also has a “5d mode” that keeps the monitor from blinking when you press record on the 5d mark II or t2i cameras. It also has more screen real estate then the Lilliput 569 monitor (on the right).  It’s probably not as durable as the Marshall or Smallhd options, which are both made out of aluminum, but $220 is a pretty good price for a monitor with these features. I may have to order one just to test it out and see how the color and contrast stack up against my Sony CLM V55, and Smallhd DP4. I’ll let you know if I end up pulling the trigger.

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