A post from Canon Rumors indicates that Canon briefly posted new features that will be enabled with the soon to be released Canon 7d Firmware Version 2.0 update.

As I’ve mentioned before the Canon 7d is a great photography tool, but video features have been lacking since day one. Canon has been offering up many of these features in their Rebel lineup for over a year but has refused to update their “top of the line” APS-C sensor camera.  If I had to guess, I would say that Canon has held back advanced features for the 7d to prevent it from cannibalizing 5d mark II sales, but now that the 5d mark III is out, they probably feel it’s safe to bring the 7d’s features into the present.

Here is the list of the leaked new features the firmware should provide:

  • Improved RAW Maximum burst – 26 frames before buffer fills up (previously 15 frames)
  • In camera Raw Conversion – allowing for in-camera post-processing of RAW images
  • Image rating Capabilities – 1 to 5 stars can now be added to the XMP data
  • ISO Maximum Range settings – allows the ISO range to be locked with in 400-6400 ISO
  • Manual adjustment for Audio Recording levels – During movie shooting you will be able to manually adjust the audio recording levels!

There are a few extra minor features like JPEG resizing in camera, support for the GP-E2 GPS unit, and file name settings, but those features are about as exciting as “French menu spelling correction” updates.

The shining star in that feature list is the Manual adjustment for Audio recording levels. Finally the Canon 7d will have the same features that the rest of us Canon users enjoy. The Canon 7d and 5d mark III are also the only camera’s in canon’s lineup (currently) that have an almost 1080p hdmi output and when you consider the 7d’s 63-zone 19 point auto focus system (superior to the 5d mark II) , and 8 fps burst rate, the only reason to choose the 5d mark II would be for its superior low light performance and full frame sensor.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was considering selling my Canon 7d body, but now that Version 2 firmware is in the works, I think I’ll hold onto it a little longer and see how the new firmware works out. If the video features catch up with the reset of Canon’s EOS lineup the 7d could move into the backup position to my 5d mark III. The extra reach that the 7d’s APS-C sensor provides has been the biggest reason I’ve held onto the camera, fix the audio controls and it’s a keeper.

I’m still a little jet lagged from the 16 hours of flying over the past few days so bear with me as I get back into the groove. Also, for those of you waiting on the next round of shock mounts, parts showed up well I was out of town and I should have things back in stock soon.

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