The 4DSLR Zoom h4n cradle adapter is a quick release mount for the Zoom h4n with rubber pressure pads that provide some handling noise reduction. The 1/4 20 stud on the bottom of the unit also doubles as a very short 15mm rail, making it easy to mount to a rig or arm with a simple 90 degree rail clamp. The extra adapter peace is cut to 15mm and is designed to thread into any 1/4 20 hole, which basically adds rail mounting support to the item it’s attached to.

The 4DSLR cradle is form fitting and allows access to all inputs, outputs, and controls. The cradle is really designed as a quick release plate for the Zoom h4n that makes it easier to quickly move the Zoom h4n from one rig or mount to another.

At $34.99 for the basic model and $64.99 for the model with the extra parts, some might find this adapter a little pricey. But if you’ve stripped out the 1/4 20 threads on the back of your zoom, or don’t like to deal with threading and unthreading the h4n from each rig you use, this could be a valid alternative.  The design is also a bit more elegant then attaching a cold shoe adapter to the back.

If you’d like to find out more about the 4DSLR Zoom h4n cradle adapter check out their demonstration video here, or head over to for more details.

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