I spent the day filming with Dave Dugdale from learningdslrvideo.com and one of the things he found interesting was my use of the Canon RC-1 IR remote to start/stop recording and refocus shots. Although I posted this video over a year ago, it’s still a very useful trick for DSLR film makers.  One button will take a photo which basically sets the focus, and the other button (or switch position in the case of the RC-1) will start and stop recording. The trick also works with the generic IR remotes as well.

If you are using the Canon 7d or 5d mark III, you’ll need to set the camera to “self timer 2 second remote control mode” by press the “AF” button and using the jog wheel. If you are using a rebel camera like the Canon t2i, you’ll just need to find the “Remote Control” option in the first video menu and set it to enabled. As far as I know the feature still isn’t enabled on the 5d mark II, but the rest of Canon’s dslr line works just fine.

The trick is very handy if you’re trying to film by yourself or if you need to trigger multiple cameras. It’s also handy if you want to shoot some goofy self portraits. The Canon RC-1 remote is well worth the $20 price tag. The generic remote used in the video failed after about 2 months of use, however the Canon RC-1 has been in service for almost two years and I still use it to this day.

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