The Campro hot shoe bracket showed up last night. It’s all metal construction and large rubberized thumb screws make the unit feel very solid. Build quality is good and all of the hardware moves smoothly. The camera adapter (bottom) is threaded into the unit with a 3/8 to 1/4 20 bushing adapter making it easy to use the Campro with larger 3/8 mounting hardware. There is also an umbrella adapter in the center of the unit if you want to use the Campro with multiple flash units.

Add the Campro hot shoe bracket to the end of a friction arm and you have a very useful all in one adapter for your gear. If you’re wondering, that’s two Sennheiser G2 receivers feeding the Tascam DR-40 for a voice over track I was working on. The all metal construction does make it a little heavier then other brackets, but it’s very compact and rugged for the price.

With the load I have on the Campro hot shoe bracket, the attached accessories weigh more then the body of the t2i so it might be a little too big for direct camera mounting. One thing I did notice is that the thumb screw on the right hand side hangs lower then the bottom portion of the frame, this makes it difficult to attach it directly to a flat surface. Instead you’ll have to use a shoe adapter if  you want to mount it to the top of a camera rig.

Overall the Campro hot shoe bracket seems like a pretty good buy if you’re trying to attach a lot of gear to a very small area. I think I’ll order another one and keep two of these in my bag, it seems like something that could really come in handy.


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