I’m putting together an extra lighting kit for basic green screen work and I’ve been eyeing these 4 socket CFL Soft box heads.  For $35 you get a single fixture and soft box, which seems like a pretty reasonable price. Combine that with a few heavy duty light stands, your favorite color temp CFL bulbs, and you’d have a decent affordable 3 or 4 point lighting kit for around $250. The soft box still looks a little hokey when compared to some of the nicer 4 socket units, but these 4 socket CFL Soft box heads are also about a 1/5 the price.

I know you can buy the Cowboy studio kits for around $200, but they usually ship their kits with less durable light stands. Drop them once or twice and you’ll brake or bend the stands. I think I’ll order one of these heads just to test it out and let you know how well it works.


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