In the past, if I needed to shoot green screen or hang a backdrop I would usually just head out to the garage and hang my backdrop from the rafters or head down to the public access station and use their green screen. I didn’t have enough room inside to set up a proper stand. But now that I’ve moved into a much larger space I actually have room to leave a back drop up. I was looking around for a heavy duty stand and found the Ravelli ABSL photo backdrop stand for $120. It’s more expensive then some of the cheaper back drop stands but I wanted something with a wider span that doesn’t sag in the middle.

The Ravelli ABSL stand is very solid and all of the hardware feels well built. In the little bit of testing I had time for, I was able to hang a 10 foot wide muslin backdrop at the maximum height of 13 feet without any sagging on the cross members and that was with the full 15 feet of tubing.

Usually kits like this come with poorly made bags that fall apart after a few weeks of use, but the bag that’s included seems much higher quality. With a metal zipper (not plastic) and pockets for each of the parts, I think this bag might actually get some use.

I have a 15 x 20 foot backdrop on order along with some extra mounting harder. Once it shows up, i’ll get a chance to see how much weight the Ravelli ABSL stand can handle. As of right now it seems to be a good investment.

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