A number of you asked if the Nexus 7 tablet would work with the dslr controller app and the answer is yes. The adapter cable showed up and I had just enough time for a quick test this morning. I can confirm that the image displayed is 30fps, video looks good, and controls work pretty well.

The other thing to note is that with the controller (shown with the t2i above) it allows you to have the camera display on while using the tablet as a controller slash monitor. So if you’ve been looking for a way to use the camera screen with a monitor this might be an option to consider.

In the brief bit of testing I was able to do, It seemed as though the controls on the tablet were fairly responsive. I did have to tap a focus point more then once a to get the camera to focus a few times, but the rest of the controls worked well. The other thing I had to do was turn the camera on and off once after plugging it in to get the app to recognize the camera. Not sure if I have something set wrong and need to select an option from the DSLR controller menu or if that is just the way the controller software works.

I will say that the dslr controller app seems to have come a long ways since the first time I tested it out. If you already have the Nexus 7 you’ll just need the $2 adapter cable and the dslr controller app to get things started. I’ll post more on this once I’ve had a chance to spend some time playing around. Now I just need to find a good mounting method.

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