The Voigtlander 40mm f2.0 SL-II for both Nikon ($489) and Canon EOS ($539) mount cameras shows that the 40mm f2.8 lens could have been an f2.0 if Canon wanted to raise the price a bit.  Of course the build quality of a Voigtlander is in a different class then the 40mm f2.8 with it’s all metal body and smooth manual focus controls.

If Voigtlander can make room for the extra glass and all the metal gears, it seems likely that the 40mm f2.8 could have been f2 as well. I like the ultra small form factor of the Canon 40mm f2.8 but I would like to see a few more pancake lenses with f1.8 or f2.0 apertures.  The new EOS-M mount 22mm f2.0 is a good start but the new mount only fits one camera, if Canon suddenly announces 3 or 4 more good pancake primes for the EOS-M Mirrorless camera at photokina this year, the EOS-M body might become much more attractive option. Unfortunately, I don’t think Canon’s even sure what their plan is with all the Rumors of new bodies floating around.

Will we see innovation this time? Or will it just be more new bodies same sensors? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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