After posting that video demonstrating the Nexus 7 tablet as a monitor and controller, the next question was “How do you mount it to a rig?”. After doing some hunting I found the above mounting solution. This basically uses a RAM Mount Tab-Tite Quick Release Tablet Holder with a RAM Mount 1 inch ball adapter to mount the tablet to the rig. Total cost for me was about $35, but that’s because I already had a few RAM Mount parts around.

To use this you’ll also need the double socket adapter ($7) and the 1/4 20 to 1 inch ball adapter ($4) which brings the price of this mounting method to just under $50. That’s not exactly low price, but it does provide a very secure method of mounting the tablet to the side of a camera rig.

The other nice feature is that the RAM Mount Tab-Tite Quick Release Tablet Holder gives you plenty of room to reach the USB port, Headphone jack, and power controls. It also provides a 1/4 inch lip around the top and sides of the tablet to protect it from impact.

The adapter bracket is spring loaded and can stretch up to 9 inches so it could easily be used to mount other android tablets if needed. I’ll post a video on the adapter tonight or tomorrow so you can get a closer look at how well it works as a tablet mount.

Even though the Tab-Tite Quick Release Tablet Holder works well, the price tag is still up there. If anyone else comes up with a good lower cost option, let me know I’ll put a post together on it.

You can find more pictures of the adapter here.

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