Here’s a quick video covering the adapter setup I posted yesterday. The case provides quit a bit of protection with the over sized lip along the front and around the sides, the clamp seems very secure.

The Tab-Tite Quick Release Tablet Holder works well but it’s still a pricey option. Yiannis pointed out this tripod TelePrompter mount (above) that might be a more affordable option. At $10.99 the tripod TelePrompter mount probably wont provide as much protection, but if the clamp is solid and the 1/4 20 mounting hole is well braced, $10.99 is a pretty good value. I don’t know if I would trust something like this for hand held shooting, but if you’re locked down on a tripod or using this with a small crane I think you’d be fine.

I’ll post more on it once it shows up. Thanks for the tip Yiannis. Let me know if anyone comes up with something else, so far this looks like the most affordable option. Shipping on the tripod TelePrompter mount is between 15 and 30 days in the states (according to ebay), so it might be awhile before I get a review up. If you don’t feel like waiting for me to post pictures and a review, you can order your own here. If your’s shows up before mine, let me know and I’ll post the pictures.

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