I’ve been testing out the SIRUI N1004 Tripod and wanted a simple ball head for portability. Sure fluid heads provide smoother motion (with practice), but the size of something like the Manfrotto 503HDV turns the ultra portable SIRUI N1004 into a bobble head looking thing that requires two bags to travel.

I decided to go with the Giottos MH 2000 Ball head. It’s load capacity of 26 pounds matches the SIRUI N1004’s load rating and the ball head is small enough to fit in the N1004’s included bag. It also has tension controls that allow you to smoothly pan and tilt without much problem, not quit as good as a fluid head but still useful. This makes it a decent light weight equivalent when you don’t have a lot of packing space.

Build quality of the Giottos MH 2000 Ball head feels solid and at 1.44 pounds there is a significant amount of metal in the design. One thing to note is that the top mounting plate is made out of plastic with a metal 1/4 20 stud through the center. This design is fine for medium weight DSLR’s and smaller rigs, but I would spend the extra $45 on the Giottos MH-3000 Pro if you plan to max out the weight rating. The metal parts should hold up, but I don’t think the plastic top would last over time with a constant 26 pound load applied.

I’m still working on a full review of the SIRUI N1004, so far so good. I’ll keep you posted.


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