Even though the new Canon 7d firmware update adds audio features to the camera, there is still no way to monitor audio levels while recording. Which basically means you’re flying blind while filming. If someone gets a little to loud or a microphone gets closer then you expected to a subject it could basically ruin an entire take.

If you have an old AGC disabling device around like the Juicedlink DS214 adapter, it can still be very handy. Even though microphones like the Rode videomic capture a mono signal they still output that signal onto both the left and the right channels. By feeding that audio into the DS214 you now have access to individual controls for both the left and right audio channels as well as cleaner audio gain.

Set your Rec. Level to just a little above zero and use the Juicelink’s gain to set one level about were you would expect speaking levels to be. Then set the second channel about 8 to 12 db down from that. The end result is that you have one standard audio channel and one safe channel. If the audio maxes out the standard channel you can cut to the safe channel in post to avoid the problem section of audio.

You still wont have the ability to monitor audio at the camera but at least you have a little more assurance that your audio wont be ruined when you’re done filming for the day. If you’re wondering how I was able to mount a microphone directly to the DS214, check out the Noob store for the DS214 adapter I used.

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