You might remember this post about a wireless camera monitor/control option on kickstarter. It basically connects the usb port on your camera to the device and sets up an ad hoc wifi point for your smart phone or tablet to access camera controls and live view.

The kickstarter project closed in September and CameraMator has just posted photos of the final prototype version before it goes into mass production. I’m glad to see that they decided to go with a horizontal design instead of the original vertical design they started with.

The developers are still working on the android and ios apps, but from what I understand live view is enabled on Canon cameras and Nikon support is expected on some models. Hopefully they will start shipping the CameraMator towards the end of this month. Once I get my hands on this thing, I’ll post a full review. If it works as well as DSLR Controller, it should be a pretty good deal.

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