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The first thing you’ll notice about this photograph is that i’m not holding a camera in the “live view” screen display. That’s because there is so much delay between what the camera is seeing and what the tablet is displaying that I was easily able to photograph the tablet before the screen caught up with the action. This feature might be good for framing a shot but that’s about the extent of it.  Also note the extreme waste of space on screen. Selections could have easily been place above or bellow the screen allowing for a larger viewing frame.

Hero 3 with app (2 of 4)

You’ll notice that the screen says “preview not supported”. That’s because the live view feature is not available if the camera is recording at 4k and 2.7k, this screen also showed up a few times when trying to record at 1080p. You do however get full preview until you hit the record button, which is better then nothing I guess.

Hero 3 with app (3 of 4)

If you want to use 4k or 2.7k modes you’ll have to set them up on the gopro itself. The 4k and 2.7k modes are missing from the selection screen, as well as some of the other supported sizes and frame rates. Also when you try to press the 1080-30 selector at least on my device it would jump back to 960-48 as soon as the menu closed.

I’ve tested this out on my phone which had even more bugs. It looks like the GoPro app is half baked at best, the promo videos seem to promise a lot of features but as of right now you’d probably be better off buying the touch screen or using the hdmi output. Hopefully this is just a beta release. The Hero 3 black edition has a lot of great features, but this is not one of them.

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