msi_n660ti2gd5ocIf you want to speed up your rendering times and smooth out effects playback in CS6 a Nvidia GTX graphics card is a very nice upgrade. My main editing bay uses a GTX 670 which will set you back around $400, but over the last few months Nvidia has released some slightly more affordable graphics cards that have almost as much power as the GTX 670.

The GTX 660 ti has about the same specs as the GTX 670 with the exception being the memory bandwidth.  Right now Newegg is offering the MSI GTX 660 ti for $259 plus a $25 mail in rebate with free 3 day shipping. That puts the final price at $229 which is almost half the price of my GTX 670. It looks like the mail in rebate has to be mailed out by December 31st to take advantage of the deal. So if you have any extra Christmas money and want a very good deal on a new graphics card, you might want to check this out.

Wondering how much of a difference a Cuda supported card makes in rendering times, check out this earlier post. It’s well worth considering if your projects are more then a few minutes in length or heavy on effects. Plus you could always use it for what it was originally designed for, gaming.

Also Mary Christmas, it’s great to have a few days off to relax so enjoy, and best wishes to you and yours.


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