Disk digger

Ironically, I have my first memory card failure right after writing a post about proper data management. The card, an Adata 16 GB SDHC, came out of the behind the scenes camera. When I placed it into my card reader and clicked on the drive a windows popped up asking if I would like to format the card. So tried it in 3 different computers with 5 different card readers and the results were the same.

The solution was actually pretty simple. I called up one of my friends and asked him what utility he used last time he had a card fail.  He recommended a utility called DiskDigger and informed me that it’s a good idea to run the utility before you pay the $14.99 license fee. If DiskDigger can rescue your files, it will give you a list of data that can be saved, pay for a license and you can copy your files over to a hard drive. If it can’t save anything then no files will be shown in the list and you don’t have to spend $14.99.

The utility was able to save all but one of the video files and about three quarters of the stills. Not perfect, but it’s better then loosing everything. This is the first time I’ve needed data recovery for a memory card and DiskDigger worked surprisingly well.

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