Canon 5d mark III

The price of the Canon 5d mark III has been dropping from it’s original MSRP of $3499 down to $2975 at most locations. Now refurbished 5d mark III’s are starting to show up on Ebay for $2599 and you can find display models for as low as $2435 if you don’t need a battery charger.

A few people have asked me if they should get a 6d body. I’m still working on the full review (hope to have it finished this weekend), but with the current retail price of the 6d at $2099 I would say save up the extra $300 if you can and get a used or refurbished 5d mark III body. I think the 6d would be a great value at $1600 or lower but it’s current price doesn’t offer a lot of value, unless you really need the built in wifi that’s only available in stills mode.

Or, if you’ve already waited this long, you might as well wait a few more months to see what the new Canon 7d mark II has to offer. I’ve heard 10 fps and low light capabilities that match the 6d and 5d mark III. Hopefully Canon doesn’t screw that one up.



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