Turn Table 2

I was in the market for a rotating product display unit for those moments were you just want the shot of a slowly rotation item in front of a back drop. I watched a few of the videos of people building them out of rotisserie motors with the price usually landing at around $30 to $40. Although I like DIY projects, for this I thought it might be easier to just hunt down an off the shelf solution.

After doing some research, I finally came across two affordable options. The turn table above which supports 10KG (22 pounds) for $49 and a turn table that supports 1kg (2.2 pounds) for $24. Both looked good but I thought it might be handy to have the one that can handle 22 pounds in case I need to rotate something a bit larger.

Turn Table 1

The turn table is very light weight and skinny enough to toss in a backpack for travel. Turning motion is very smooth and I don’t have to wire up an on and off switch. The LED light in the middle of the unit is a little odd but maybe it was designed to make a peace of smoked glass glow.

I’m going to run a few more tests and should have a video up on this shortly. Also for those of you who have been asking, more laser info is coming soon. I’ll post more on the specs as well as some info on the DIY 3 foot by 4 foot laser I’ve started building. If you have any ideas on anything made with a laser that you’d like to see in the Noob store, let me know.

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